Scalable Service Solutions

Crescent Cleaning Provides Scalable Solutions for Your Facility
Call us today and we will put together a detailed cleaning plan tailored to your company’s unique requirements. Whether your facility is a 2,000-square foot space in a strip mall or a 500,000+-square foot high-rise Downtown, our cleaning professionals have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.
Both Union (SEIU Local 1) & Non-Union Labor Abilities


  • Some of Our Services:
    • Green Cleaning – US Green Building Council LEED Accreditation Ready
    • HHPC – Healthy High Performance Day Cleaning standardization processes
    • Carpet Care: Spot Cleaning, Rotary Cleaning, Extraction Cleaning, Dry Foam Encapsulation Cleaning
    • Emergency Clean-up
    • Final Construction Cleaning or White Glove Cleaning
    • Resilient Floor Maintenance: Buffing, Burnishing, Full Strip and Refinish, Shower Scrub and Top Coating
    • Stone Floor Maintenance: Care and Maintenance including Buffing, Crystallizing, Polishing and Protectant Applications.
    • KaiVac No Touch Washroom Cleaning Technology.
    • Furniture Moving
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Kitchen Cleaning: Dishwashing, Refrigerator and Microwave Cleaning
    • Light Fixture Cleaning
    • Matron/Porter Services
    • Pressure Washing
    • Recycling Services
    • Snow Removal of Walkways
    • Special Event Services
    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Wall Washing
    • Window Washing

Green Cleaning 101

Our team has many years of expertise with all things GREEN. Being green isn’t just about which chemicals are used to clean your property, but more importantly it is a system which takes into consideration chemical usage, supplies, training, applied processes, equipment which is low noise and low emissions (odor and dust) and a way of thinking. Green cleaning affects the cleaners, the occupants of your property and the environment collectively. As you partner, we want to design a program which will be seamless in nature however capture all which is good about being a true environment green steward.

HHPC Certified Day Cleaning Experts

HHPC Day or Healthy High Performance Day Cleaning isn’t just an idea, it is a way of life for your property. Day cleaning is not portering, rather it is cleaning you property during the daytime hours while not disrupting the daily workflow of your occupant.

  • 4-8% cost savings found by Asset Managers after converting to day cleaning
  • Improved occupant satisfaction leads to increased retention of tenants and improves a building’s asset value
  • Corporate Social Responsibility becoming a major consideration of building owners and stakeholders

Carpet and Rug Institute Certified Carpet Care Equipment and Products

Crescent Cleaning Company only uses equipment and materials with the CRI Seal of Approval. Their stringent testing and guidelines ensure that all products meet or exceed Manufacturer and Carpet Mills expectations for care and maintenance.

KaiVac Touches Cleaning System

KaiVac is the innovator of touchless surface cleaning. This is the most thorough and comprehensive system to for a germ free, grim free washroom, kitchen or any other solid surface area.

KaiVac Information Sheet KaiVac Information

Kaivac Demo Video KaiVac Demo Video

Windsor iCap Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning System

Encapsulation interim carpet cleaning will achieve a brighter, fresher, longer lasting clean then any other traditional carpet cleaning system. Your carpeting will be ready for traffic within 30 minutes based on the low moisture, quick drying method of use.

Encapsulation Cleaning Brochure iCapsol Encapsulating Interim Carpet Cleaning Guide

Extraction Vs. Encapsulation Comparison Carpet Encap vs Exract Jan 2016

Dry Stripping and Deep Scrubbing Technology

Using Dry Stripping Technology effectively removes finish from most flat surface flooring without the use of caustic strippers.  Traditional strippers have long been know to be safety concerns from the VOC’s that are in the air, to skin irritation, to even skin burns.  This technology additionally prevents the bi-products of using wet stripper and the resulting liquified finishes being flushed down drains into the waste stream saving both your plumbing and the enviroment.