Boutique Attitude - Professional Results

The Crescent Cleaning Benefit to YOU the Customer

Better Quality – Since Crescent directly controls our employment screening, hiring, training and workmen’s compensation of the team which will be cleaning your facility, you can rest assure that we will provide better service, better response and better overall employees with less turnover.  Less turn over means more consistency, which leads to better quality.

Great Customer Service – We highly focus on providing best-in-class customer service. We don’t just say this; we believe it and practice it day in and day out. Our belief is that great customer service is a full circle process. We hear your questions/concerns. We work with our teams to create corrective solutions or new processes. We close the circle with follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Better Price – We are not a franchise nor do we subcontract so there is no middleman involved. This allows Crescent to deal directly with the you, the customer, which gives you the best, most competitive pricing. In addition since we have been providing professional contract cleaning in Chicago for over 45 years, our comp rates are some of the lowest in the industry resulting in our ability to pass those savings through to you.

Self-Performed Cleaning – Crescent Cleaning Company self performs all of our janitorial work and we do not use subcontractors. All employees are on Crescent’s payroll and are provided workmen’s compensation insurance. There are no 1099, subcontract workers and we never pay employees in cash.

Less Liability – Crescent provides full business insurance with a $6M umbrella policy that protects our employees and our customers from any indirect liability. Crescents hiring process includes extensive background checks and I-9 verification of each employee before they start their first day of work.

Partnership – Like you, we desire a true partnership in our relationship. Great communication, mutual trust, reaffirming action plans all contribute to great teamwork. As your working Partner, Crescent will ensure you will always be getting our best effort every day.